Nov 18, 2012

My Father: My Everything.

                 I woke up today, 18th november 2012. The      first thing came to my mind were my father. I don't know why but may be I miss him too much.
           Yes, i miss him, for all what i have done to him and to always deserve ten chances in this life, sio rahisi.
Fulgence i love you, and one thing i am sure of, is your love towards me. My siblings knows how much i am your best human being alive, how much you always favor me, how much you can't even say NO to 'NO' things with me. I pray that i get a husband who treats me just like you. You are the best man i have ever had, and i will never have. I really miss you today, it is too late for me to call you from here. But, i promise you, i will never shame you again, i will behave and be the best person you always wanted.
                             I LOVE YOU DAD!

Jul 12, 2010

Mzalendo Pub on mkesha wa saba saba....

Jide upo juu...........i had fun!!

Jun 29, 2010


Black is beautiful kwakweli---Designer Mgesi and Designer Siscar

Here we go again.....the big show is coming soon!!!!


Wen you meet with them the word "FUN" is our middle u guys
Model Judy (Pimpette)
More pictures to come due to my busy schedule!!!!


The law to allow Tanzanians to hold dual citizenship should finally be enacted by the end of the year, Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation minister Bernard Membe said yesterday.
Speaking in Dar e s Salaam at an International Organisation for Migration (IOM) meeting, Mr Membe said research conducted on the proposal had established that the new law would not harm the country.
"The government is regretting locking out Tanzanians overseas during the 49 years of our Independence, while some African countries have been granting dual citizenship to their people," Mr Membe said.
Tanzanians living abroad will receive the news with jubilation, as they have for many years campaigned for the introduction of such a law to enable them to belong to both their host countries and their motherland.
Many have complained that lack of such a law disadvantages them, as it denies them opportunities they could access if they were citizens of the countries where they work.
Yesterday, Mr Membe explained that the issue had taken many years to conclude because the ministry did not wish to "rush such a sensitive issue". He added: "We decided to conduct a thorough research before introducing this law, which deals with the basic rights of a person."
The research had enabled the government to establish that dual citizenship "is not bad, as some people were trying to depict it".
The minister went on: "On the contrary, there will more benefits for the country and the individuals, if we to adopt the law to enable our fellow Tanzanians living abroad to market our country as well."
During the research, it had been found that Tanzanian experts working abroad had been contributing immensely to their host countries. Therefore, he said, the enacting of the law would enable them to also assist their motherland without any hitch.
Mr Membe said the ministry had already started to move to tap the great economic potential of the Tanzanians overseas.
After receiving the report, the ministry established a special department to deal with the affairs of those in the Diaspora.
"Everything regarding how to deal with the Tanzanians living abroad is almost ready. We need to fully utilise their skills and wealth to push forward our development agenda," he said.
The Dual Citizenship Act, the minister added, would give those abroad the right to adopt the citizenship of their host countries while maintaining their Tanzanian nationality.
Under the current law, a Tanzanian who adopts the citizenship of another country is automatically stripped of his nationality.
Minister Membe said they had directed all the country's embassies and high commissions overseas to register all Tanzanians to enable the government to have full information and data on the nationals living abroad.
Speaking to reporters at the meeting, which brought together experts from various ministries, embassies and some Tanzanian experts working in the UK, Mr Daniel Mwasandube, a quantity surveyor based in Britain, said many Tanzanians had opted to leave the country in search of better lives.
He said most of them "are very patriotic but lack of supportive laws", such the one granting dual citizenship, has blocked them from serving their country better.
"Many Tanzanians cannot land high paying jobs abroad, though they have the qualifications, simply because employers look for people who hold the passports of those countries," he said.
In preparation for the introduction of dual citizenship, the Law Reform Commission was tasked to conduct a national study and gather the public's views.
In 2006, the commission recommended amendments to the relevant laws so that Tanzanians can also enjoy dual citizenship.
According to the 'Final Report on the Introduction of Dual Citizenship in Tanzania', the commission chaired by Judge Anthony Bahati, said the issue deserved "a positive and forwarding-looking consideration".
The commissioners said it was high time Tanzania adopted dual citizenship because in a globalised world, the country could not develop without interaction with other nations.
Dual citizenship, according to the commission, was desirable as it conferred benefits both to the country and nationals desiring to hold the citizenships of other countries.
"A person with dual citizenship has greater flexibility in his choice of where to live and/or work," reads part of the report.
But the members of the commission also recommended that national identity cards be issued first before adopting the system.
Once it becomes law, Tanzanians will no longer have to renounce their citizenship, and the same will apply to foreigners wishing to take up Tanzanian citizenship, if their countries of origin allow that.


Jun 18, 2010



Situated on the Penthouse level, below the dome, at Shoppers Plaza, Runway Lounge bar lives up to its expectation of glits, glamour and pizzaz….as it should.

No where else in East Africa are you able to strut, drink champagne and watch the sun set and moon rise without having to leave our little haven created just for you. Finally I am able to pay homage to the greats of the past that have taught us so much here in the present.

Being an eternal fan of old Hollywood I wanted to share and pass this on to those of you not so aware of the presence they still have in our everyday lives…here lives Marylin Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra to name but a few.

It’s a place where you can be comfortable to splurge on your desires with like minded people. A place where the pressure of work and monthly dead lines are forgotten because what we offer is an escape and not a normal night out. Ignite your senses with colours of deep grey, gold and white.. all fit for royalty.

Engage your palate with tastes of pleasure and sit back to enjoy the night with a range of beverages you can only imagine. Chocolate fountains, delectable bitings and service that excels sums Runway up into a few words…opulent, luxurious and funky. Our resident DJ keeps your toes tapping with soft, mellow house vibes but still allows you to have a comfortable conversation. Runway is designed to entertain your senses. No pressure – just sit back and allow the vision, the sound, the smell, the taste and the touch to inspire your next move.

The Scene: The rules will apply to everyone that wants to be a part of the Runway. Once inside, we will take you on a sensory journey first with the vocal house sounds that our resident DJ will be busting out! And your vision will include impressive chandeliers and many couches for lounging and jaw dropping interior design-- it's like a house party hosted by your richest, most sophisticated friend. DJs spin the latest down tempo house music and sometimes R&B, on Fridays and Saturdays for a much needed end of week celebration, while during the week features include live jazz performances from all over East Africa.

Once a month, Runway will bring you a themed party that only your wildest dreams is able to imagine…this is literally where the ignition of your senses will be entertained. Starting in February 2009 and every month there after your expectations will be met…at Runway.

In Your Glass: Cocktails. There isn't a "house" martini per se, but the bartenders do the basics well.There is an array of drinks to choose from, however, we prefer champagne and cocktails.

Need to Know: We're not kidding about the dress code. It is strict! Primary offenders that will get guys turned away: sneakers, ball caps and shorts and men should preferably wear a shirt with collar at all times. Strictly no baggy T-shirts and vests. Also, groups of men arriving together are generally frowned upon. Women have it much easier, but they should still dress to impress.

Nice to Know: We have a safe party rule. ie no bad attitudes allowed at any time. Anybody found to break this rule will immediately be excommunicated from the Runway.

Price Points: Guys may pay anywhere from Tsh15,000 to Tsh20,000 to get in. Women generally pay less. Cocktails are $8 to $10, depending on what you order.


6 years back.......
Present-still looking fabolous!!!
With studio 53 presenter

Living her fabolosity life,go girl!!!
Abby plaatjes is da owner of a Runway Club more info about it is coming!

Jun 17, 2010

Thank you facebook!!!!!

I got this in facebook after doing a crazy application thing....i like it!!!


  • · The only continent with reptiles or snakes is Antarctica?
  • · The fastest swimmer of all fish is the swordtail
  • · An egg is a single cell
  • · Cockroaches don’t eat cucumbers
  • · A hen must eat about 4 pounds to produce 12 eggs
  • · About 88% of milk is water
  • · It takes 15 facial muscles to laugh
  • · Lions sleep about 19-20 hours a day
  • · Mosquitoes have 47 teeth
  • · When water freezes it will expand by 9%
  • · Finland has the largest number of islands in the world
  • · Dolphins eat about one-third of their body weight each day
  • · A camel can drink over 25 gallons of water at a time
  • . Siscar is the sexiest girl in the whole world?(lol-nimeongezea tu hapo,)



Reference: A forward from Ernest Masaka....